Project Description - Erasmus Project 2014 - 2017

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“YOUropeans on the move – migrants between integration and tradition” 

”YOUropeans on the move – migrants between integration and tradition“ is a project that shall make us as Europeans more aware of a phenomenon, which is generally noticed in the public, but not further dealt with. However, the phenomenon of migration does affect us more than we think in our daily life because young people today are living in a more and more diverse world and especially Europe is significant as a region of immigration and destination.
To sharpen the perception of migration as an important European phenomenon, pupils are supposed to work on the project from different points of view in groups at a local and international level. In this sense, migration has got many faces that we should take a look at, with the face of history as a starting point and the current discourses on European migration policies as an end point. A central aspect to be analysed in the course of this project is to find out how European societies dealt with minorities and migrants in the past in order to clarify and analyse the present and furthermore, to develop diverse strategies and inclusion for the future. Interesting topics with regard to the history of migration shall be postcolonial migration, migration and religion, migration and politics, migration and gender, migration and climate, migration and cultural identity, migration and human rights protection and current discourses on European migration policies.
Besides the analysis of migration as a European phenomenon on a more general level, it is important to see what chances, challenges and also conflicts migration also brings to our daily life. It is of special importance that we plan to do research and investigate migration regarding our local multi-ethnic societies so that we as individual citizens are made aware of to what extent migration affects our personal life.
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